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- Cu Lee Li
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Zhong Cheng Welded Mesh Co.

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We manufacture and export welded wire mesh used in construction, transportation, agriculture, fencing and mining for all such purposes as poultry houses, egg baskets, runway enclosures, floor heating draining rack, fruit drying screen, and 
other industries. Our major products include concrete building mesh, wire carts and trolleys, cages, welded mesh fence, panels, deckings, partitions, fan guards, as well as welded mesh production line.
As China manufacturer and exporter, we supply Welded Wire Mesh and Panel Products in various forms, configuration, sizes and standards to meet specific uses.
We exporter engaged in producing and supplying series good quality welded wire mesh fenceproducts.
Our products can be classified roughly into four major types: Building Material Welded Mesh series, General Purpose Welded Mesh, Welded Wire Fencing Products and Welding Machines.
We supply concrete construction structure reinforcing mesh,welded mesh rolls and fabricated wire products,gabions, hot-dipped galvanized, galfan or pvc coated finish.

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Steel rebar mesh welding line

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